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The team at Kozar Engineering has a breadth of experience in the forestry industry; including pulp and paper, sawmills and biomass facilities.

pulp and paper mill

Our project experience spans across North America and beyond. In addition to engineering design, our team has been involved in wood and pulp drying experimentation.

Kozar Engineering understands the unique challenges the forestry industry has and continues to face and can assist clients to be competitive by creating facility efficiencies. Kozar Engineering is a member of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada and is up to date on the latest trends and initiatives of this emerging business.

Kozar Engineering has extensive experience working with owners and contractors on the following:

  • New equipment installation and integration
  • Dust collection systems
  • Steam distribution and piping
  • Process piping
  • Electrical distribution
  • Fire protection


  • Control room ventilation systems
  • Machine safeguarding systems
  • Demolition plans
  • Asset condition assessments
  • Energy audits
  • Lifting plans

Previous projects include:

Paper Machine Curl Control

paper machine curl prevention

Kozar Engineering completed the engineering, detailed design, and construction support to complete a quality improvement on a local paper machine. The machine dryers were having issues with paper curl control. Kozar Engineering assisted with testing and diagnosing the root cause and implemented changes that decreased the level of curl within the drying section of the paper machine. Changes entailed steam and condensate header segregation and new piping to and from a new section of dryers that were created.  Controls and steam header pressure setpoints were suggested to the client for best dryer section runnability.   These changes increased the quality and reliability of the production.

Cogeneration & Wood Pellet Plant

wood pellet plant mockup

Kozar Engineering completed the detailed design, engineering and tendering of a cogeneration & wood pellet production facility. The facility includes a wood merchandizing yard (WMY), a cogeneration power plant and a wood pellet plant.

The WMY included a tree length slasher and a tree length fuel processing hog. Tree length wood is delivered to the WMY, sorted, stored and cut until it is required for on-site or off-site customers. The hog fuel is to be conveyed to the cogeneration plant wood yard while the bark-on round wood is delivered to the pellet plant woodyard.   The cogeneration power plant generates approximately 6.5 MWe of electrical power using wood biomass fuel in a thermal oil heat source / Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system. The generated electrical power is transferred to the local grid system for the community and used to run the pellet plant. The waste heat is utilized to heat the building in wintertime and dry the wood chips.  The plant is to replace the existing diesel-powered electrical generation plant and reduce the carbon footprint of the power generation and improve overall air emissions.  The pellet plant produces 90,000 metric tons per year (MTPY) of 6mm diameter premium residential wood pellets using the allocated local area biomass supplied to the pellet plant. An automatic bagging and packaging line was also included.


"We have used Kozar Engineering for a number of designs where an Engineer is required. Kozar Engineering always delivers an exceptional product and they think outside the box for innovative solutions for our clients."

Paul Peterson

President, Peterson Machine & Supply