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The team at Kozar Engineering is comprised of a well-rounded group of specialists bringing decades of experience to the industrial engineering business.

The employees at Kozar Engineering are our largest investment and we take pride in treating them as such. All the employees are proud of what they do, and it reflects in the work and the timeframe in which we are able to produce it. Kozar Engineering has a great work environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.


Kevin Kozar, P.Eng., P.E

As a graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Lakehead University, Kevin began his engineering career in 1997.  Kevin established Kozar Engineering Inc. in 2012 to provide cost effective engineering solutions to clients.  As the Principal Engineer at Kozar Engineering, Kevin’s focus is strategic planning, corporate governance and continual improvement of Kozar Engineering to exceed our clients needs.

As a licensed mechanical engineer, Kevin provides general oversite to all design activities.  In addition to providing technical assistance, Kevin assists with the day to day planning of employee assignments and ensures employees have the training required to complete their assignments as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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Direct: (807) 624‑4080 Cell: (807) 629‑9143

Email: kevin.kozar@kozar.ca

Project Management


Matt Meadwell
Technical Manager

Since 2011, Matthew Meadwell has been a Mechanical Technologist with experience in mechanical design and drafting.  Matthew is adept in the use of various design software and in 2D drafting and 3D modelling. Experienced in project management and planning, Matt is multi-faceted, flexible and client focused. Primary areas of experience include piping (process, methods, & supports), plant layout, comprehensive structural stress testing of rail vehicles, and general design and engineering.

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Direct: (807) 624-4085 Cell: (807) 626-6130

Email: matt.meadwell@kozar.ca


Ashikh George
Operations Manager

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Direct: (807) 624-4086

Email: ashikh.george@kozar.ca


Doug Roberts
Project Manager/Technical Specialist

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Direct: (807) 624-4093

Email: doug.roberts@kozar.ca


Serena Tougas
Project Manager

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Direct: (807) 727-1931

Email: serena.tougas@kozar.ca


Joshua Carasco
Project Controller

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Direct: (807) 624-4095

Email: joshua.carasco@kozar.ca



Jenny Franklin
Office Manager

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Direct: (807) 624-4084

Email: jenny.franklin@kozar.ca

Civil / Structural


Mark Rustan, P.Eng.
Senior Structural Engineer

Mark Rustan is a Civil/Structural Engineer and began working in the consulting industry in 2004. More than over half this timeframe having focused on the design and analysis of civil/structural systems in the construction field.  Experience in both Engineering Design and Construction Services have made Mark an industry leader in structural design and reinforced concrete.

Mr. Rustan’s main focus on design services include structural steel and reinforced concrete for building design, equipment support/ installation, rehabilitation work for deteriorated structural members and/or increased load requirements. Heavy shoring design for various industries in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements such as roofs structures, lifting apparatus, personnel access platforms, including custom lifting devices and preparation of engineered lift plans.  Plate work for Tanks, Bins and chutes as well as steel and or timber design for commercial and industrial facilities are also Mark’s strengths.

Contact Mark

Direct: (807) 627-2022

Email: mark.rustan@kozar.ca


James Holliger, C.Tech
Senior Designer

James Holliger began his career as a structural designer in 1997 and joins the Kozar Engineering team as a Senior Structural Designer. Experienced in structural, architectural, electrical and mechanical design, James is well rounded to support our client’s needs. James’ work history is rich in KEI’s core client groups; mining, forestry, institutional and commercial.

Contact James

Direct: (807) 624-4094

Email: james.holliger@kozar.ca


Savanah Duguay

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Direct: (807) 624-4090

Email: savanah.duguay@kozar.ca


Brian Kamau

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Direct: (807) 624-4096

Email: brian.kamau@kozar.ca



Frank Tian, P.Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Frank Tian began his engineering career as a Mechanical Engineer in 1998. He experiences range from light commercial to heavy industrial projects. His experience includes    mechanical system feasibility studies and detail design, machine design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), project cost estimate and quality control. Prior to consulting experience, Frank spent 3 years obtaining an advanced degree on fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Frank has been focusing on the design and analysis of mechanical systems in industrial plants, mining and commercial buildings in recent years. His area of project involvement and expertise includes design of material handling systems, heat recovery and heat transfer systems, boiler and steam systems, water and slurry pumping and piping systems, industrial ventilation systems for industrial plant, U/G mine fuel delivery system, HVAC systems for commercial buildings, preparation of equipment specification and preparation of TSSA registration package.

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Direct: (807) 624-4082

Email: frank.tian@kozar.ca


David Chisholm, P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer

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Direct: (807) 624-4083

Email: david.chisholm@kozar.ca


Brianne Walford, E.I.T
Mechanical E.I.T.

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Direct: (807) 624-4088

Email: brianne.walford@kozar.ca


Scott Van Teeffelen, C.Tech
Technical Specialist

Scott W. Van Teeffelen began his career as a Mechanical Designer in 1991. He has technical specialty in industrial process piping layout and design primarily with steam, condensate and industrial boilers and boiler ancillaries. He has extensive experience in pulp and paper processes including digesting and chemical recovery. Mr. Van Teeffelen has extensive experience and expertise with piping system flexibility analysis, spring hanger design, piping support systems as well as steam turbine power generation process design and equipment balance. Mr. Van Teeffelen also has experience in underground mining dewatering and surface infrastructure, mechanical equipment layout design and detail as well as bulk material handling equipment including the layout of belt, screw, drag and pneumatic conveying systems, gravity chute systems, and dust control systems: design, layout and balancing. Mr. Van Teeffelen also has expertise in building HVAC design and system layout and a technical specialty in building hydronics, DWV and domestic plumbing systems. Healso has extensive experience in project estimation / coordination and construction inspection.

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Direct: (807) 624-4092

Email: scott.vanteeffelen@kozar.ca


Cody Huls

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Direct: (807) 632-8456

Email: cody.huls@kozar.ca


Brandon Tinney, C.Tech

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Direct: (807) 624-4081

Email: brandon.tinney@kozar.ca



Kerry Kapush, P.Eng.
Senior Electrical Engineer

Kerry is a graduate of the Electrical Engineering Technologist program with honours in 1994 and the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering program in 1996 from Lakehead University. Kerry established himself in a local major engineering firm that focused primarily on power distribution and instrumentation design for pulp and paper and the mining sector.

In 2001, Kerry graduated to project management/engineer roles in the construction of multi-billion dollar commercial and industrial projects across Canada. His experience includes working with casinos, airport infrastructure, bitumen mining and in 2014, Kerry worked as Electrical Heat Trace SME and Project Engineer for the North West Redwater Sturgeon Refinery, the first refinery to be built in Canada in over 30 years.

In addition, Kerry is also a licensed Red Seal Electrician which transcends and compliments the language and technical barriers that can exist between construction and engineering.

Contact Kerry

Direct: (807) 624-4091

Email: kerry.kapush@kozar.ca


Archana Salim, E.I.T
Electrical E.I.T

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Direct: (807) 624-4089

Email: archana.salim@kozar.ca


Nina Kong

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Direct: (807) 624-4087

Email: nina.kong@kozar.ca